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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Linux guy working in a Windows desktop

After >7 years of working on my own Linux machine, I now have to work on a Windows XP laptop for my new employer.

It's been almost a week and a half now, and I think I'm starting to get used to it (as far as a Gnome user can be), thanks to the following tools, that I had to install in order to survive and not getting mad:

  • Firefox: for obvious reasons, the first thing is to get rid of IE.
  • gVim: thank $DEITY there is a windows port for Vim.Enlace
  • Putty: of course, I still need to log into several Linux machines.
  • mRemote: its a wrapper around putty to handle several sessions, and also supports RDP and other protocols.
  • WinSCP: just because mRemote doesn't support SCP.
  • muCommander: to browse the file system in a decent way. It also supports SCP, but I haven't been able to customize it properly (opening files with gVim), so I'm not using it really.
  • XChat: its always cool to hang around IRC.
  • Pidgin: to deal with the social mess of chats/contacts out there.

There is also a GEdit for windows, but I seldom use it.